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Daycare or Learning Center? What is the difference? 

From Child Care Biz Help 

Today's childcare professionals strive to provide high-quality care beyond simply supervising children playing with toys. Research has shown that high-quality education during a child's early years can significantly improve their academic success and help them achieve grade-level reading and other target goals.

Early Childcare Educators (ECEs) must meet specific standards to teach and educate within a childcare setting. Many states now require lead teachers to meet the same requirements as public-school teachers. In addition to bachelor's degrees in education, many ECE teachers hold master's degrees. These professionals maintain records on each child, tracking individual milestones and specific goals. Despite their qualifications, ECE teachers are often not recognized as highly as teachers in public or private school settings.

This discrepancy is one reason why ECE professionals prefer the term "childcare" over "daycare."

The term "childcare" encompasses the hard work and dedication of ECE professionals. The word itself places a focus on the child rather than meeting the working needs of the parents. It also highlights the importance of child development and education.

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